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Grew up in Japan. Earned degrees at Sophia University and the University of Hawaii. Started a company, received direct USAF reconnaissance contracts, saved thousands of service men and women lives. Mission oriented, traveled the world. Due to a few quirks in life, I was successful (and still alive). Economically sound I have no need to work. My first words are, "Let me see your eyes."

I'm in my engineering lab everyday designing, building and patenting new products. I have a music composition studio. I do framing, electrical, drywall, painting, plumbing and landscape to keep active and stay in shape. While seeking your life time relationship, soul mate or hookups, I'm here ready to listen.

Send a message, best to you on your adventures, Guy Parker.

Profile Tokyo - Hawaii Silverado Canyon Orange County, CA. San Diego 4EverMotions
Current Recon Silverado Canyon Ranch Orange County Foundation Drilling Vacation

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