Experiences that make you feel good activate your brainís reward center, which responds by releasing dopamine.
This causes your brain to focus more of its attention on the experience, youíre left with a strong memory of the pleasure you felt.
This strong memory can prompt you to make an effort to experience it again by seeking out certain experiences.
The activity of those experiences is still the underlying source of this behavior.
The reward center in your brain that releases dopamine in response to pleasurable experiences drives memory and motivation.
Dopamine reinforces enjoyable sensations and behaviors by linking things that make you feel good with a desire to do them again.
This link is an important factor in the development of addiction.
Neurotransmitters that cause feelings of pleasure or euphoria also include dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.

If you develop a tolerance to an activity, youíll need to do more of that activity to feel the effects youíre used to.
Dopamine plays a role in this process of consistent overstimulation of your reward center.
Neural pathways become overwhelmed, making it harder for it to handle the high levels of dopamine being released.
The brain tries to solve this problem in two ways, by decreasing dopamine production and reducing dopamine receptors.
Still, craving the experience remains.  It just takes more of the same activity to satisfy it.
To break the addiction you have to restore your neurotransmitter levels.  The task is nearly impossible without outside intervention.
You need to get away from the situations, the experiences, you need to get to a retreat where you can regroup.
Love and intimacy with someone that treats you badly is an addiction based on opinions and judgments creating Marley's links.
You are your librarian, and you are your library.  Every action you take and everything you see and do is recorded.
You become the editor attempting to justify your continued addiction.  Caught in a riptide you have to swim left of right to get  to shore.
To break the addiction, you have to stop the experiences.  You have to get away to a new place.
You have to stop making opinions and judgments to justify continuing your addictive existence.
Get away from those experiences, no matter how life changing, stop justifing your continued existence.