Modeling in Asia   

Being a foreign model in Asia means you’re a rarity.  Many foreigners at a young age were selected for modeling shoots.
The Penal Code of Japan, established in 1907, sets the age of consent at thirteen (13).
At fourteen (14) I started modeling.  Videos and stills were shot on Tuesday and Thursday nights for $10,000 a week.
There is no doubt modeling affects school work.  I met Andrej at a photo shoot.
 At fifteen (15) I had over $100,000 in shoe boxes.  By sixteen (16) I had established my brand of videos.
My father got onto my radar and shut me down.  
He stressed school was the most important, if I did not get my grades up I would not get into college.

Satoru Kobayashi provided an endless supply of soft video romance opportunities.
I moved video sessions to the weekends.  Satoru's public bent was Soft Romance.
Soft turned into something much deeper, Satoru's private bent is now known as vintage BDSM.
Hundreds of women applied for and performed in my videos. 
I became an addict.  My father shut me down and sent me to a Zen Master.
My father was right, I could not get into any Asia Pacific Rim colleges or universities. 
It did not really matter, at eighteen (18) Vietnam was waiting.
I had amassed enough yen to buy 5% of the Lloyds Electronics Stock at a discount price.
Years later Lloyds Electronics was sold for $100,000,000 providing $5 million in profits.
One way to get the $ out of Japan was to buy six Beechcraft Japan Airline trainers.  The planes were purchased and flown to Hawaii.

Lesson's Learned:  The chase for $s and intimacy do not mix with the riggers of full time school focus and attention.