Narcissist and Empathic   
Caution: Judgmental folks enjoy the name game, assigning characteristics makes them feel in control of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
To help them in their journey they build long Marley chain links, wars are created between two types: The Narcissist and The Empathic.
The Zen master taught all life is ambidextrous for survivalYou need volunteers to practice the arts of shifting.  Some skits are hard.
To make a link:  What is this clown doing now?  Judgment person is a clown.
To break a link: How is this person going to navigate those waters?  No judgment, confirms the stream they are in controls movement.
The question to ask yourself is, Who is this person,  who do you want to be valued by?
Do you want to be valued by a non-existent ghost that has charmed your heart?
Do you want to be valued by an entity who doesn't actually see your true worth or appreciate your individuality?
Asking this question allows you to achieve freedom and removes pain and stress.
Think of the person like a character from a storybook, or a movie and that it is ok to dream about them.
However, none of this is what the narcissist is or ever was.
You truly come to embrace the only thing left is a creepy delusional stranger attached to you like a parasitic corpse.
What value can come from that?  Nothing at all.
The narcissist needs to condition you, insuring that at all times....
your powerless, without control, unquestioning, totally compliant, and at full attention production capacity.
A narcissistic person absorbs the energy from everyone they interact with.  That is their way to feel happy.
They are toxic because they need to make others fragile to boost their ego.
For an empath, such a person can be very complicated to deal with.
An empath might not even realize they are dealing with a narcissist.
Their delicate character makes them see only the good in people.
Due to survival and resource management, all humans are empathic and narcissistic.  It always depends on the goal.
Doctors, Fireman, Counselors, Therapists, and Homemakers have to build defensible fox holes through resource management.
You are your very own resource to manage.  You manage through expressing Narcissist and Empathic characteristics.
No need to build Marley chains, don't use Nouns and Adjective, do Verbs and Adverbs.  Determine your goal, make plans, act on plans.
Example: Just do it. 
Just: Adverb: exactly. "that's just what I need".  Do: Verb: to perform an act, duty, role, etc. and to execute a piece or amount of work.