Show Interest   

People love to talk about themselves.
People like to hear their name.
People feel good after a compliment.
People love to feel valued.
People appreciate kindness.
People love to be seen.
People love to be heard.
People love to be touched gently on the shoulder, arm & hand.
People love to be adored.

Let them.
Remember it.
Do it.
Appreciate them.
Give it.
Smile at them.
Listen to them.
Touch them gently.
Adore them.

You are playing a game of chance meeting someone from the outside your sphere.
You have no real control over who you will meet, except, choosing the places to meet.
When you do meet someone, show interest.
If you cannot communicate say no with no explanation, walk away, and roll the dice once again.
If you can communicate, have playtime together, recommend and do fun activities.
Fun time sail surfing triple wave sets off of Diamond Head in the middle of the night.
Fun time visiting outer island communities.

I seated Jennie and Linda into the Beechcraft six-seater next to the pilots
with Mel seated right behind them.
I had to present absolute plausible deniability.
I could never hook up with growers, buyers or sellers for shipments to-from Asia and the west coast.
Jennie and Linda were unable to make the connection with the pilots to transport goods.
I never asked and I do not know why no connection was made.  It simply did not happen.
I was unable to communicate directly, Linda and actors were unable to communicate directly, both trapped in plausible deniability.
 Shelly, a renter, put me on Five O's radar with her fake accident.  Asian Five O undercover came and raped Andreja, severing Zsuzsanna.
George, with no background knowledge, tried to repair the damage.  He brought Shelly back to me.  I said no, no explanation, to a hookup.