Conflict TransformationNormal people have peaceful quiet lives focused on building positives one moment at a time.
One happy minute onto the next, developing to become better at living and improving their family member lives. 
Positivity, peace, contentedness and happiness are contagious
and envelope everyone in a healthy, loving cocoon.

There are personalities that *love* drama, love wrecking lives, and love conflicts.
They get fuel/supply when they create win-lose situations and WIN over their “adversaries”.
They enjoy tearing down the lives of others.
In this way they feel powerful and in control.
Triangulation makes partners jealous or envious of each other.
Triangulation makes partners feel that the other is better.
Triangulation pits partners against each other.

Obtuse Triangle:  Mel and Linda are teaching Tim how to pussy whip guy. 
Plan: Tim, Mel & Linda have intimacy while guy watches. 
Linda, "I want to show guy what great sex looks like". 
Guy declines the offer, guy says "No" with no explanation given.
Mel, "Come with me, she wants to fuck with you". 
The goal
is to gain control and mess with minds.
Linda feeds off of control.
Linda is controlled by her partners, Linda's mind is messed with by her partners.

There’s always an agenda when a particular person is brought up in conversation.
That agenda is either to put you down, build them up, or more than likely a combination of both.
They want power, control and dominance and go after what they want.
They want you to know they are better than you and are happy to show you why.
This is what keeps them going.

Injete Chesoni

Protect the hearts and souls of all men in her snare.

For she will never ever declare her undying love for any one of them.
She is just a promiscuous girl who loves to have fun.
An undercover lover of all of the brothers who blunder and fall under her spell.