Zen Master   

In Asia Zen Masters area a dime a dozen.  Their bent is the area of their mastership.  All addiction (including sex) is based on the rush of dopamine.
To break Dopamine Addiction caused by relational experiences with many partners over extended periods is treatable.
To redirect the cause, experiences in life, the Zen Master shutdown Modeling.  Stop experiences causing neurotransmitter overload
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to how we feel motivation to do things.  It is not a “pleasure chemical”.
The Master would place situations (experiences) in my view.  I had to say "No".  The process was repeated, over and over again.
When the situation presented itself, I just said no.  It did not always work, I could not always say no.

Dopamine fasts reboot your brain and make you appreciate everyday pleasures.
This master taught me how to control third eye visualizations. 
You do not need to roll your eyes up into your head to see through your third eye, a myth projected to scam you.
Presented with herbs I was shown how to find these prescriptions in forests of outback Japan.
Controlling visualizations enabled unraveling advanced engineering equations, put me on track for school.
The third eye canvas showed the hearts of others, unraveling their emotions by touching, Namaste.
The master taught making opinions and judgments damages a person's life, they are links in a chain, Marley's chain.
Stopping your opinions and judgments restores your dopamine levels, it gets you quiet enough to regroup, it is not always possible.
Opinions and judgments are justifications to sustain your current existence, find a place to retreat, stepping away not always possible.
Cool and Not Cool are instantaneous judgments fusing links on Marley's Chain.
Stopping instinctual emotional cool-not-cool knee jerks was nearly impossible.
In the end the Zen Master confessed.
Tricks of the trade to help you focus on what is important and leave behind what is not.

Polyamory living in the outskirts of Tokyo.