Zsuzsi and Andrej   

Zsuzsi twenty-nine (29) and her daughter Andrej fourteen (14) lived in the outskirts of Tokyo.
Fourteen was the age of consent (legal in Japan).  Polyamory was first encountered and understood.
In 1968 a letter came from the U.S. Draft Board to report for Vietnam
I left Japan for a 4A Technical School two year U.S. deferment: Laurel Canyon 1968-1970 then returned to Japan.

Zsuzsi Starkloff And Prince William met in Tokyo in 1968 where Prince William impressed the ladies by arriving for his British-embassy posting in a plane he’d piloted himself.  For her part, Zsuzsi was a model and former air hostess with a neat line in flirty banter.  Before long, love had duly ‘blossomed’ and they’d found themselves ‘a private love nest’ — always better than a public one.