George, the Moksha shipmaster, scrounged the islands for souls to bring to his extended family at the Kaua'i lodge.  George sent in Cathy, a young African American, to take me to the Kaua'i ranch.  When we arrived Cathy had a brief conversation with Linda and abruptly disappeared, not a word.

I received insults from Linda, a protection against reactive violent angry souls while living at the edge.  This family group came from Long Beach California.  They built a cement sailing ship, sailed to Hawaii and Tahiti and settled down in the Garden Isle.  Linda, the wife of the shipwright had a young son, Matthew.  Starved for entertainment, everyone slept with everyone enjoying group relations.

The University of Hawaii had a problem. Caucasians flooded the islands and flocked to the university while studying.  There was no room for Asian students.  The Board of Directors decided to purge Caucasians.  The UofH attritioned ~14,000 Caucasian men and women to make way for Pacific Rim Asian students, an ~dozen UofH Caucasian women remained on the campus.  Coming from Pacific Rim Asia I was allowed entrance.  In Asia I lived with a Hungarian woman and her daughter, all together in mutual lust.

A condo renter's fake accident scam brought undercover cops that hogtied, abused, and molested one of my friends from Tokyo. Multiple multinational friendship links were severed.  Guns drawn, I could not protect her.  UofH stripped of Caucasian women left coupling up with a local, play the strip, or head to the outer islands in search of intelligent life.  In the shifting sands of tourists washing up on the Oahu shore you could not discern whether a woman was a potential solid relationship or a here for a week gone forever hookup.  The onslaught of scavengers became unbearable, the word "No" became an automatic reflex.

Here I was was in Kaua'i on another scavenger hunt.  George sent me into their tight knit family unit to participate in intimate relations, his heart felt hopes, change.  Linda, Pattie, and Jennie - sirens from the sea calling.

True friends are hard finds.  The Kaua'i actors played their roles for the preservation of human relations.  George was trying to break me out of "Guns drawn, I could not protect her".  UofH 6th year, two semesters to go, Newport Beach - Silverado waiting.  Completing difficult advanced engineering courses requires focus and concentration, this family's refocus interfered with studies.  I told the actors I could only come from Honolulu Oahu to their Kaua'i Kapa'a lodge on the weekends.
Norbert responded I was a week end junk collector.
Jennie exclaimed, "If we give it to him he will not know where it is coming from."
Pattie observed, "He's going to have to make it with (line up with) the men".
Mel added, "If he won't line up he will lose everything." 
Tim chimed, "I can do everything he can do."
Linda provided, "You are a cunt and a mixed up son of a bitch."
Mel provides, "We all have sex with each other here."
Cathy's young brother
, "Linda says that phrase to all the first timers then Jennie lets them come inside."

No judgments, these are good folks working their best with the resources and wisdom they have to work with.