Guerlain Mitsouko Vintage Pure Parfum

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This is the vintage pure parfum of Mitsouko (old brown box). Launched in 1919, Mitsouko is a chypre that is complex and mysterious.  Much loved by starlets like Jean Harlow, who wore it in the movie "Dinner at Eight," as well as a favorite of Sergei Diaghilev of Les Ballets Russes (curtains were full of the scent), Charlie Chaplin and Anais Nin. In the movie "Belle du Jour" Catherine Deneuve's character smashes a bottle of it before leaving to pass the rest of the day as a prostitute. An oakmoss, peach chypre, it is an unmistakable old-world perfume that surprises, puzzles and enchants. Notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, neroli, peach, rose, clove, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli, benzoin and vetiver.