Diving In One Last Time    

Jennie said to Mel, "If Linda can't draw him in there is nothing I can say or do that would."  Norbert chimed in, "I was only interested in his airplanes".  Linda said, "I just wanted to show him women want intimacy, lots with many".  Mel required Jennie and Norbert to go over their skits, scripts, and limits.

In the captain's quarters I was out of sight.  Jennie and Norbert provided Mel details.  From start to finish this was an old  game found in all cultures, walk the plank.  The Kaua'i actors played their roles for the Preservation of Human Relations.  Linda desired inexperienced men.

Their skit fell apart early when Linda did not understand why we clapped hands together, Namaste.  She asked others, they did not know what it meant.  Starry eyed lust was required to complete their skit, lessons already learned I did not want to replay, their judgments not defining, the role they offered was refused.

Namaste came to English fairly recently.  Asian heritage Namaste is a form expressed in all civilizations, "Let's be friends".  Namaste is an umbrella force that lets you see the colors of those around you.  Two people raise their hands and clap them together.  Game on.  Jennie and Norbert conveyed skit formats malleable for Silverado. Six years in Hawaii, island fever, engineering degrees completed, it was time for Newport Beach CA, from East Crossing West, Asia to Mainland USA.

Game over.  Mel, "I thought we had him, then he was onto us, he was to smart for us."  Mel and Linda desired to work with "not smart" bit players, lust required.
They did have me.
  Exit stage left, end of skit.   The actors on the stage should have presented a new friend from nearby.  No new friend was presented.

After Game Over. George brought Shelly requesting we hookup.  I said no with no explanation provided.  George shook his head in wonderment.
In staging a fake car accident Shelly, a former renter, inadvertently an without malice caused Hawaiian undercover cops to knock at my door, hogtie molest and rape my friend visiting from Asia.   Guns Drawn-No Way to Protect Her Shelly's Spirit severed friendships.  Lorie's Spirit answered and opened up Orange CA.

Full circle, from skit start to skit end.  Shelly won her court case and bought a motorcycle.
She loved driving around Honolulu in her bikini.  Kaua'i Moksha disappeared into the mist.

Being judgmental does nothing to bring about change.  Direct communication works wonders.

With 4 complex UofH classes to go, this was not the time for lust and group intimacy. 
The sailboat, airplanes & condos were sold.  Arrived in Orange, CA, away from Hawaiian shifting sands.
Now on firm ground.  Education completed it was time to build foundations. 
Silverado CA ranch land and a Newport Beach CA townhouse were purchased. 
The Topanga CA mountaintop campground was located and secured by Sandra.