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Grew up in Japan.  Earned degrees at Sophia University and the University of Hawaii. Started a company.  Received direct USAF reconnaissance contracts, saved thousands of service men and women lives.  Mission oriented, traveled the world.

Due to a few quirks in life, I was successful. Bought into a small company in Japan and worked as an engineer while going to Sophia University (English at night).  The company exploded and was sold for $100 m.

By the time I arrived at the University of Hawaii I had two condos at the Ilikai Hotel Annex, (one for rental one to live in), six Beechcraft airplanes for a tourist business, a boat in the yacht harbor and millions (6+) in the pocket.

I was a student, not interested in the playboy life * , I just wanted to complete university degrees, an intense workload.  I was hit left and right by scammers.  Learned quickly to just say no and walk away.  Struck to the core over Vietnam, I was on a mission to save service men and women lives.  I bought a ranch in Silverado Canyon Orange County, moved to San Diego, opened a business, and earned millions (8+) in direct USAF recon contracts.  Then retired.

Seeking a muse for inspired compositions, inspiration and creation. Parable: Your firm softness spreading with intensification swelling into accelerating explosive waves of pleasure washing over you in lasting intense ecstatic blissful successions, a source of inspiration and creation.  Over and over, again and again.

Send a message if you are interested in encounters that may become long term friends. 

I will respond promptly to your message if you show a real interest in giving inspiration.

Your waves of pleasure are my source of inspiration and creation. Be ready.

A composer from a different time, the art is in your waves. 

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I was given several opportunities to walk away from my studies, basically opportunities to run away and join the circus.
I was enticed by beautiful women, by polycules (polamory communities), by free love, and by the playboy life.
My heart went both ways (hard hit), but in the end I stayed the course, nothing was being accomplished in those venues.
My commitment to turn away from the playboy life resulted in thousands and thousands of service men and women lives saved.
And today, retired, my products are still operational and service men and women lives are still being saved.
Sophia University Tokyo Japan University of Hawaii