Mel tells Jennie and Norbert the actors prefer starry eyed young ones that hang on to every word.
Mel says the actors do not want to deal with eyes wide open experienced individuals.
Jennie and Norbert agree. Mel offers human relationship growth, intimacy skills, and skits to take on the road.
Jennie provides without stars in their eyes, their skit does not work.
Jennie states there can be no direct communications, they must choose the path on their own.
Jennie and Norbert conclude keeping the family on an even keel is a full time task.
* Jennie's husband gone, no children at the lodge, Pattie and Linda become her tight adult friends.
* Norbert, his adult daughter Pattie, piano and horses, and teenager Timothy, a ruffian ready to punch.
* Linda and her young son Matthew, always being told to pick up his feet and keep up with the group.
* George, shipmaster, lives in several places.  Cathy probably lives with George elsewhere on the island.
* Mel the cruise and entertainment director channels all new arrivals for assimilation or ejection.
* Tim, a young adult with no place to go, found a new home, crew for monthly Moksha move and odd jobs.
  Mel conveyed Linda was busy training Tim to be happy watching her have intimacy with five other men.
Moksha means liberation, freedom from ignorance, self realization, self actualization and self knowledge.
All ships get knocked off course, jealousy is never truly overcome, resources are scarce, scavenging inevitable.
  Master skit: fall in love, have children, and watch loved ones grow old.
The constant: finding a mate that fits, falling in love and growing old together.
Rough waters ahead, splintering of the ship on each wave, pitch pole, and your loved one is gone.
  Foundations: Electronics Technician, Business Finance, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science degrees
From Asia to mainland USA, split in two: Silverado Canyon Ranch and Guardian Warrior.
The foundation Moksha provided evolved into small stage performances and music recitals.
  Individuals from Los Angeles and Orange Counties: Malibu-Topanga, Long Beach-San Fernando Valley, arrived.
Silverado Canyon Ranch brought human judgments, resolutions often leading to unhappiness.
Jennie and Norbert predicted such events often occur, at times violence erupts on house cleaning.
  Guardian Warrior won out, you do not have to judge a person to rescue them.  Let me see your eyes.
Kristine and I fit together in our Anaheim research laboratory stitching together Guardian Warrior tools.
In our San Diego research lab  we set up as independent rescue contractors and raised two daughters.

   Top Level  Resolutions