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For my Daughters and Grandchildren, "Let me see your eyes".  Late for love, marriage, and family foundations by four+ years.

I had to leave my home in Asia to go to San Fernando Valley, Ca.  Papers to Report : Vietnam Mekong Delta to secure a US Draft 4A Technical Deferment.

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Electronic Technical Institute Van Nuys, Ca. provided a two year US Draft 4A Technical Deferment in San Fernando Valley, Ca.  It was 1968.

I was 18. I lived on Laurel Canyon Blvd at the start of the canyon hills leading to Venice.  From Japan, Newport Beach, San Diego and L.A. were accessible.
I visited Sunset Strip Clubs, Canyon Hills homes, San Fernando Valley homes, and festival-seminars in California, mostly near Monterrey, CA.
I visited music production extended families living in Los Angeles, Laurel Canyon and Sacramento.
I earned my Electronics Technician degree, decided not to open a recording studio, returned to Asia Vietnam draft free.
Two years+ behind love, marriage and family.  From  Japan, now studying UofH advanced engineering degrees in Hawaii.

I searched Honolulu Hawaii Oahu Island for friendships.
The UofH Board of Directors had purged +14000 caucasians from the campus, closing fraternities and sororities to make way for Pacific Rim Asians.
The UofH Board's two year attrition of caucasians from the campus enabled Sophia University completion and the sale of Lloyds Electronics, Tokyo Japan.
I arrived in Hawaii with two Ilikai Hotel Annex condos, one to rent one to live, several Beechcraft six seat twin engine planes, and six million $s in the bank.
From Asia, Theosophy, Castaneda, and Occult held my attention while hitting clubs, organic food, the Ilikai Hotel Annex pool, and UofH full time classes.

I enjoyed sail surfing triple wave sets in front of Diamond Head late at night, my sailboat slept in a slip in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in front of my condos.
I was attending to a full load of advanced engineering courses, six hours home study per day.
I had Beechcraft twin engine planes ferrying tourists over volcanoes and to the beautiful outer islands.
Completing difficult advanced engineering University of Hawaii courses requires focus and concentration.

The Moksha family's Intimacy Refocus interfered with UofH studies.  I already engaged in Festivals, Seminars, and Cults in Northern California.  Lessons Well Learned.  The opportunity to move the Moksha ship, plant corn, and have group sex while listening to Norbert & Jennie teach was refused.  Moksha and UofH were universities, both mind bend changing, and both required 100% attention and dedication.  Your in or your out.
I was four year+ behind schedule for building love, marriage, and family foundations.  I needed to finish UofH Hawaii, two semesters to go.  No Process Control Electrical Engineering jobs existed in Hawaii, there were no foundations to build love, marriage and family in Hawaii.  I had to get to the West Coast. 
Six years of Island Fever.  One Beechcraft plane dived into a volcano killing six, three newlywed couples.  A friend visiting from Tokyo was raped at gunpoint by undercover cops, friendships were ripped apart.  With UofH degrees secured, I sold the condos and planes and headed to Newport Beach, Ca.

  Linda wanted to start me back up and get me back in the saddle with intimacy.  She never knew about Guns Drawn.
Linda strived for others to watch her have intimacy with all the men and women within the family.  Her acts and her skits.
Time and timing from the love, marriage, family four year+ diversion provided no foundation to start back up in Hawaii.

University of Hawaii 6th year, two semesters to go, Newport Beach - Silverado waiting. 
Completing difficult advanced engineering courses requiring focus and concentration, the Moksha family's refocus interfered with studies.

  This was Norbert and Jennie giving Linda their wisdom.  Linda created positions for family members to fill.  Linda created her acts and skits.  George and Cathy would bring men and woman from afield.  Mel and Linda would process them through skits for the rest of their family to play in.  The skits centered on watching them have sex, and if accepted, participating and listening to their teachings.

  If the individuals fit, they were assimilated for an indefinite time.  When individuals no longer fit they were ejected.  Their house, their rules, spoken out loud from persona inhabited out of sight in backrooms guiding you to walk their plank, to devote everything to be in.  Sirens calling. 

  Linda's Lessons for Young Men: Women get periods, want intimacy, have babies, and are ready if you line up and show interest.  Men have eternally reoccurring hardons trained properly last and always ready at a moments notice, just show interest.  Linda wanted to show what cool intimacy looks like hoping to give you a start (a startling performance).  All of the family has group intimacy and sex together, watching each others orgasms.  There is bickering, jealousy, physical and mental fights to overcome.  You have to line up, walk the plank, your are either in or you're out, devote everything to be in.

  Lessons Learned versus Linda's "Young Man" Skits:  Intelligence takes precedence.  The family prejudged and was unable to communicate directly.  They did not want to know the past everyone colors, they desired to make a new person.  They remained animated audio-visual mimes.  They brought Shelly in for hookup.  Shelly was a past condo renter.   Shelly created the Guns Drawn fake car accident skit that severed my friendships in Asia.  George was right, engage and move on.  One semester to go, Newport Beach - Silverado waiting to build love, marriage, and family foundations.