For my Daughters and Grandchildren, "Let me see your eyes"   
Modern man appeared 240,000 years ago.  Starting when NY was covered by a ten mile high glacier 20,000 years ago, a small town population of 1000 couples produced you.  These actors names are real except a few, life's lessons repeated over and over. 
Humans are predators in a 10 mile thick bubble.  Five miles up you cannot breath.  Five miles down is the bottom of all oceans. 
Accumulated millions, retired in my fifth decade.  Forbidden lines crossed, answers found for Guardian Warrior rescue missions.
From Asia Crossing to West Coast: High School Grad, USA Top Lottery Number 1A, Papers to Report to Vietnam Mekong Delta Family: Our relationships are strong, we take pride in our friendships and we endeavor to help others when and where we can.
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From Asia, earned finance, electrical engineering and computer science degrees at Sophia University Tokyo - University of Hawaii.  Created and implemented Guardian Warrior, received direct contracts saving thousands of lives in humanitarian disaster missions.  First motion, Let me see your eyes Mission oriented, traveled the world.  Due to quirks I was successful and still alive.  Projects include music compositions, visual arts, framing, electrical, drywall, paint, plumbing, and landscape with Star Adventures to mountain, desert, and ocean destinations.  Send text, Guy W. Parker, Poway CA., to cell 858-692-3932.  Click on the Red Arrows
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