Actors 🚧 
Paul, the captain-owner of the beautiful sailing ship Monsoon anchored in my harbor, was faced with the same situation, tourists and scavengers.  I spent many afternoons sitting on his deck contemplating engineering class events, going over what was discussed and was important, study time.  Engineering solutions required practice with third eye projections to solve.

Tourists and Scavengers would wander through the harbor.  Souls seeking paradise in Hawaii would rain down from the sky, some with few resources to survive.  Seeking food, work and shelter they found the nearest city center yacht harbor.   I decided to help Cathy get home.  Cathy needed no help, after the handoff to Linda she simply disappeared into the mist not a word.

Norbert was right, I was no longer a collector.  Norbert's responses, Jennie's remarks, Pattie's observations, Mel's additions, Tim chime's, Linda's proclamations and comments by other's indicated this family had rough beginnings, fights, expulsions, and differences of opinions with a heavy doses of judgmental attitudes.  Their skit was to extract what they could get and move on.  In Asia I worked long photo shoots as a model.  Tired and paid on the spot we would head for a meal and with a yes or no spend the night together in rural inns near the shoot.  I lacked interest in the play these actors provided, their role was refused.
Lorie lived on a sailboat in the Ala Wai Harbor, Honolulu.  She had left Topanga Canyon, CA. where she briefly crossed Norbert and Jennie, the Kaua'i family center.  She provided details on how illusions were designed, their purpose, and how group illusions were implemented for relationship preservation.  We spent quiet times in private, outside of view.

Lorie provided insights into clan mentality, survival through manipulation and deception.  You are in or out.  To be in you have to devote everything, you have to walk the plank and jump off.  Folks having no resources to offer, sake themselves, repositioned the Moksha, planted crops, had group sex, and listened to Norbert.  With your resources in, your walked off the plank.  Once your assets were gone, the sirens never called again, they move on to new game.

Jennie's husband had been reported lost at sea, written in two unpublished chapters by the Moksha shipwright. 

Linda's husband, the Moksha shipwright (designer and builder) Patrick Cotten was located, his reputation well known.  Patrick conveyed he was forced to leave his wife Linda and son Matthew behind with just the shirt on his back and a plane ticket.  Linda was assimilated, Patrick was ejected.  The family bond between Jennie, Pattie, and Linda was strong.  There was no quality place for a shipwright to build in Kaua'i, Patrick had to move on.  Linda walked the plank and was gone.

I flew Moksha family members to Honolulu on my Beechcraft twin engine airplane.  In exchange, they invited me to their Waimea Canyon weekend retreat.  Mel, Linda and Jennie continued their illusions.  I was interested in letting these actors play out their skit in preparation for Silverado.  The time for the mainland ranch was nearing.  Although Jennie could provide help in understanding the ranch setup, these group skit actors were unable to communicate directly. > Waimea Canyon