From Asia Crossing to the West Coast     

At UofH, in my 5th year, I was provided accessed to an IBM mainframe tied through ARPANET to mainland USA.  I was taking four courses per semester in advanced electrical engineering and computer science requiring many hours per night of study.  I discovered yields on 2-year to 10-year Treasury bonds provided successful triggers to buy and sell stocks.  This was the gift I had for the Moksha family.

I accessed the New York Stock Exchange, wrote programs to pick off stocks and computed when to buy/sell as triggers occurred.  By my 6th year I had refined the rules.  Using an autorun background program on the UofH IBM mainframe I was making substantial trading profits while finishing degrees.

In Newport Beach CA I purchased a direct telephone line to the NY stock exchange.  Using rules created in Hawaii and a computer mainframe I built , I started full time automated stock trading.  ARPANET was transitioning to become the Internet.  As others started automated trading the rules changed. 
I crossed multiple I am not the one for you and focused on more challenging where no man has gone before.  I needed a partner with librarian attitude and skills to weave together technology and people.

Women in engineering were unicorns.  They could not be found in bars, on the beach, or working as waitresses.  They could not be found driving motorcycles around Honolulu in bikinis.  They existed high on tech slopes settled in their game, not on the slopes of Waimea.  I found her traveling those slopes.

Vietnam came and subsided, the damage done to an entire generation never disappeared.  Moksha was West Crossing East, I was East Crossing West.  Their desire to perform rescue missions as skits for scavenging became, for my partner and I, Rescues on a Grand Scale without overloaded judgments.
Guardian Warrior required US Government interactions for funds, materials, and buildings.  The project went classified, the headquarters at Area 51's back entrance.  Silverado Ranch closed down.  Ten years into the project the government decided to weaponize disaster relief assets.  This did not sit well with us.

The answer to Vietnam, our answer, was to make everyone aware of where everyone was and the direction they were headed.  The guardian angels we developed were eyes, ears and hands from the sky.   US Agents weaponized our relief rescue missions, we completed our contracts, packed our bags and retired.

We removed all of our assets stripping the facility of our software, electronics, and intelligence assets.  Our Government Contract Officer disappeared.  US agents were not pleased. 
 I was thrown into jail near San Diego and forced to sign away all ownership rights to gain release

Illusions of peace, love and justice.  No illusion, two daughters, multi-million dollar bank accounts, and retirement at fifty-four, objectives fulfilled with daughters and their husbands finishing college.