Guns Drawn

One young woman and her boyfriend rented my 2nd condo in the Ilikai Hotel Annex. They would come over and party.  One weekend she went water skiing with her boyfriend.  He drove the boat recklessly and flipped her causing a neck injury. 

They staged a fake car accident in the Ilikai parking lot to pay for her medical bills.  Over the following week police and insurance investigators came knocking at my door doing background checks on that couple.

One of my Tokyo friends arrived for a two week stay.  Within a week after the background checks Hawaiian undercover cops came knocking at my door.  They hogtied my girlfriend abused and molested her.  She took the next plane back to Japan.  She told the rest of my Tokyo friends her experience.

None of my Tokyo friends came to visit after that incident.  I was alone on an island in the middle of the pacific with more of college ahead.  Shelly won her fake accident lawsuit and bought a motorcycle.

Inadvertently without malice she had destroyed my friendship links.  Inadvertently without malice existentialists, polamory communities, and Caucasian students flooding Hawaii destroyed all possibility of establishing new university friends. 

With my planes I reached out throughout the Hawaiian islands, visited several complexes.  I was treated as a tourist in their world.  Had I known the consequences of Shelly's actions I would have paid her medical bills and bought her a motorcycle.
When I arrived at the university to start studies I went to the fraternities and sororities I had visited two years earlier.  They were shutdown, the parties were over.  The university board of directors had done a thorough job of purging Caucasians.
Inadvertently I spent valuable resources flying six Japan Airlines Beechcraft trainer planes out of Japan to arrive at a dead end.