Lorie Amygdala    
  Lorie first appeared in Monterey California 1969.  She was standing near a show.  I bought tickets for us, we attended the symposium where participants smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine, and enjoyed group sex while watching each other to completions.  I met up with her back stage, she was closing this show.  Lorie opened other events in the Monterey area with her extended family, a road show business selling insight to Nirvana.
We met up again at the Honolulu Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.  Lorie had left Topanga Canyon commune life.  The harbor has 700 berths, 85 moorings for vessels up to 85 feet. She lived on a boat in the harbor. Lorie briefly crossed Norbert and Jennie, the Moksha Kaua'i family center, in Long Beach near the dry docks.  She provided details on how illusions were designed, the purpose of illusions, and how group illusions were implemented.

Arriving in Newport Beach, I bought a townhome and property in Silverado Canyon, Orange County CA.
While setting up the Topanga Canyon Campground with Sandra,
Lorie returned from Hawaii to Topanga.
Lorie set up home and frequented bars and clubs.  Her days of Nirvana enlightenment skits for $s were over.
Lorie's experiences in Topanga communes were lessons learned, her Hawaii experiences not Nirvana.
Lorie met bikers and headed for Vegas.  She married into a club, had children, sons, and divorced.
She dived in and out through out life, a hawk taking care of herself, her children, and her visiting spirits.
While setting up Guardian Warrior operations at Area 51's back gate, we met again. 
Indian Springs, Nevada a Wiccan Book of Shadows Spirit Ceremony held 16-10-2004.
Four warrior women made the circle from North (Reno), South (Tucson), East (Santa Fe), and West (San Diego).
Presiding circle center, Lorie was the fifth, from Indian Springs Nevada.

Through actions at a distance, Lorie bats away gremlins and demons.
16-October-2004 (10-16-04) Indian Springs Temple Nevada Wiccan Spirit Ceremony - GT
Book of Shadows Powers North East South West Witness Your Honor in Rites
Bees brought nectars from the herb and vegetable garden flowers to the water well making offerings.
The morning sunlight brew flashed reflections up into the crystal orb.
The crystal orb focused the healing light into the skull, entering the lower jaw and reflecting up to the top.
Book of the Shadows Day of the Dead Healing Light.
Hawk and Raccoon fisty cuffs the night before, blood all over the ground, October 31, now healed.
New day, rebirth once again living in the present free of future and past desires, attentive to other people.