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Dear Lover, Friend, and Companion


Seems a bit of time has elapsed since posting a new song. Several songs were written and unpublished.  The songs are performed live with no tracking, dubbing, clipping, post editing, or other manipulations. A near perfect performance for publishing is always difficult, and each time the song is ever changing.


Again, from the heart, comes those very personal moments a person takes for their loved one(s) each day. This is a story of waking up in the morning, sharing a moment with the loved one, taking a shower, getting dressed, driving to work, working a full day plus an extra few hours, driving home, and once again sharing quiet times at home with loved one(s).


During the drive in the morning, thoughts of the lover at home and expectations of the day mix in the tranquility of the morning. Another good day starts.


During the day, there always seems to be another uphill battle at work, co-workers tugging for time, telephone conferences, memos, and a quick lunch.


Meetings in the afternoon, topics of importance, schedules, and the ever present series of interruptions. There never seems to be enough time.


Finally everyone is gone, except you. Finally time to get the important work done, respond to a few personal emails and phone calls.


As you lock the doors and secure the alarms, the sun has gone down, the parking lot is empty, and it is dark and spooky outside. You unlock the car and start the drive home. Your thoughts turn to your lover at home, arms waiting for another moments encounter.


And as you pull into the driveway, as you open the garage and pull the car in, your heart races in anticipation of the love and warmth waiting for you within. And the beat goes on FH2 Eternity.











































Capturing these feelings in an instrumental void of lyrics where the sounds of the instruments, the progressions and the melody carry the spirit.


The acoustic folk guitar intro plays the walkup call. The moment with the lover in the morning is an upbeat played by two electric guitars (lead and rhythm) and an electric base guitar. There are two drummers working counterpoint.


Since each person’s experiences share common grounds and carry special uniqueness, we combined a core set of instruments that were common then interweaved a series of melodies that play counterpoint to each other.


There are three keyboard players: grand piano, harpsichord and jazz organ working a caress the lovers share. Each instrument was orchestrated with a different feel, a strong deep touch, soft stroking and an embrace from lovers locked together.


Hidden in the counterpoint, there is a melody playing softly. That melody, so soft almost unheard, has another voice, not one of the lover at home, but another elsewhere, ever present, ever watching, always listening, always reaching out with a helping hand. The melody of a love that has lasted for years but lives far away.


The melody of the drive to work is happy and spirited with a reflection of the love in the morning played by a mandolin and harpsichord giving the sound of a player piano. The chord progressions working with the melody anchor the voice(s) of another (or others) in your life for which you share love, respect, hopes, dreams and admiration.


But then, you would have to put on your dancin’ shoes and make the moves to truly hear what the soft lover’s voice is saying to you.


We know work is tough, tough to stay on track, tough to arrive at completions where we can say we have accomplished the task and move on .There  always seems to be another curve thrown at us, important immediate tasks pushed into the background to head out on a new firefight.


So, close your eyes and move across the dance floor, listen for the voice, find the “calling to embrace” and the embrace will find you in your dreams.


We admire others around us as they admire you. Thanks seem far and few between. Everyone hurrying, some getting somewhere, some nowhere. To make sense of it all we look towards our home and the lover that waits. But while at work, we can put on those dancin’ shoes and make the day a bit brighter for all of those around us.


GMK. (Good Morning Kiss)


GNK. (Good Night Kiss)


Note: FH2 bears no relationship to the movie “From Here To” (or does it? Pearl Harbor 1953: Burt Lancaster)