4Ever Hearts





Story Board


Buried within each, hidden from the views of the casual observer, there are heart gems guarded and protected. These heart gems we keep inside provide a sanctuary for our moment thoughts, a resource that we draw upon as we work through our daily activities.


This treasure chest within us is filled with emotions. Every once in a while, when we meet a special someone, we reach into our treasure chest and pull out a rare and special heart gem to share.


There are times in life, those times when we are open and vulnerable; gems find their way into our lives and into our treasure chests. There are times to clean out and dust off these gems, a time to keep and a time to release them.


Keeping special gems is easy for us. Releasing gems is far more difficult.


Very often we turn to the beauty in life to help us in the release. Beauty comes in many forms, but one special form is in the shape of hearts.


The heart gems presented in the photography are smooth, held in the palm of the hand with the hand closed. As we hold the gem in our hand, the memories come, memories to keep and memories to release.


Within each heart are special hidden images. Through the music and the colors, the shapes and the feelings, comes relaxation and tranquility and the release.





























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