4Ever Steps





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As we had discussed in a quiet setting and on the dance floor: There is a certain grandeur regarding the little steps each of us (and those around us) make on a day by day basis.


I have been trying to capture the sounds these personal steps make (usually crunch and mush through all the muck we have to go through), the sound of the emotions, and the color of feelings.


And as it were, we were discussing change and love: the root of deep feelings and emotions that well up inside, only to burst forth in creativity and inspiration.


And from that time, I have been reflection upon your fundamental truths, never able to be said in words, but only in a kiss.


And so, with the kiss came the color of feelings, the sound of the emotions and, with help from a dear and wonderful friend comes the attached song: 4EverSteps.


(If you don't understand any of this, then it is best pictured in "My Fair Lady" where Elisa says to Mr. Higgins: "Shut up with the words, Show Me!".)


























Two touch hands, from the soft touch of fingertips a tingling inside rises.

(Guitar stands alone strumming up a tingling feeling).


An instance is captured, at once they both know they have each other.

(Orchestra strings stand alone).


They take the step forward, their lips touch, their embrace tightens into one.

(Drum and base take the steps, full orchestra: the embrace, guitar: the kiss)


Their passions for each other leap forward into the change of love

(Deep bass: guitar hearts beating, deep rolling organ waves, orchestra high strings).


Dancing that special dance of lovers

(All instruments come forward and the kiss of the guitar leads).


Waves continue to roll over and over and subsides into just the kiss

(Guitar stands alone strumming up a tingling feeling).


And once again the color of feelings, the sound of the emotions, the grandeur of the small steps, the change and the love.
























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