4Ever Waves




Story Board





Two are dancing together. This is an upbeat jazz dance. Their feet are moving to the beat.


As they swing together they are getting really hot, flowing with the music.


Capture the heat as they moved.


Take a viewpoint of “hot” from inside out.


Hard to keep words clean and above board, just hitting the edge.


A ‘50s beatnik form of poetry.














Poem Audio





Spreading intensification, swelling heart beats, firm crimson softness, acceleration lasting seconds.

Explosive waves of pleasure, washing over warmth, profound permeation, happiness in you.

Every, moment stands naked, vulnerable, and, true.

Acceleration lasting seconds, firm crimson softness, swelling heart beats, spreading in tense.

Profound permeation, washing over warmth, powerful waves of pleasure, within.
Sensuous, intense, ecstatic, ocean waves.
Warmth, pleasure, blissful, successions.
Mysterious today, as always, deeply personal, experienced relaxation.


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