The Moksha women stated their ship was hot and humid, they request help. 
As a certified engineer my solution was fans.  Fans for cooling take electricity.
I realized my career required external energy to run the fans.
 I was connected to external energy to survive

Other large sailing ships have a cooling generator running most the time.  Looking at the Moksha engine compartment and the size of the cooling areas, I found a major ship design flaw.

Sailing ships require external energy besides wind to sail. Docking always requires engines.  Installing a heating and cooling system on a cement hull sailing ship without using external energy not possible.

Solution: Ship sails on cold water.  Pump ocean water into internal radiators, use fans to blow air over the radiators to cool.  Heating not solved.  Effect of radiators corroding is water dumping into the ship.
Radiators for saltwater are available at high cost and require maintenance.  Another major design flaw.
As these major design flaws presented, the design flaws of the Moksha family also became apparent.
Norbert's son Tim (15) was fighting Mel (32) for Linda intimacy rights, pounding each other hard.

Outside there is a 100 L x 50 H x  40 W barn made from telephone poles, a yacht building barn.
Patrick, Linda's husband, was run off the property not so long ago.  Mathew, their son, stayed.
I decided to pick the middle bud of the family pot tree to make to the tree branch in two parts.

Windmills... The skit you are presented requires you to look behind to the history of the publisher.
You have to know who you are dealing with to determine if you really want to deal with them.
Where is their history, their thoughts, their feelings, their stance on important life things.
  Words, just words, no see no feel their touch, just words no change... friends ... visuals connect deep.
The words yes and no. Sometimes their are things you do not want to think about.
When you are young you do not realize you are your own library you are the librarian.
What you experience stays with you in some form.
You constantly rewrite your thoughts hoping to smooth pain, suffering, and loss.
  You want to let go.  You want your Nirvana, you want to run away from your own existence.