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Grew up in the Far East.  While attending classes at  Sophia University, Tokyo Japan I bought into a small company.  The company was sold for $100m.  Completed engineering degrees at  the University of Hawaii.  Bought a townhouse in Newport Beach, CA and a ranch in Silverado Canyon, Orange County Ca.  Started a company.  Received direct humanitarian rescue contracts saving lives.  Mission oriented, traveled the world.

At the University of Hawaii I owned two condos at the Ilikai Hotel Annex, one for rental one to live.  I owned six Beechcraft airplanes (tourist business), had a sailboat in the yacht harbor, and had $6+ millions in the pocket.  My goal was to complete university degrees, an intense workload.  Explored transcendental and playboy lives, I was hit by scammers left and right.  I learned quickly to say no and walk away.  Struck to the core over Vietnam, I was on a mission to create systems to save lives.  I bought a ranch in Silverado Canyon Orange County, moved to San Diego, opened a business, and earned 8+ million in rescue  contracts. 

Given several opportunities to walk away from my studies (opportunities to run away and join the circus) I was enticed by beautiful women, by polycules (polamory communities), by free love, and by the playboy life.  My heart was hard hit, Island fever had set in (six years).  I finished engineering degrees and moved to mainland USA.  Commitment to turn away from the circus resulted in designing and implementing Guardian Warrior, a rescue system saving lives world wide in humanitarian distastes.  Still operational today, lives are being saved.

Sophia University Tokyo Japan University of Hawaii

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