Shelly and her boyfriend rented my rental condo next to my home condo in the Ilikai Hotel Annex.
They would come over and party.  One weekend she went water skiing with her boyfriend.
He drove the boat recklessly and flipped her causing a neck injury. 

They staged a fake car accident in the Ilikai parking lot to pay for her medical bills. 
Over the following week investigators came knocking doing background checks on that couple.
Andreja arrived for a two week stay.  Undercover cops came knocking, they believed she was a drug runner. 
They tore through the condo unscrewing every vent, searching every cranny for drugs.

Those cops pointed guns while they hogtied, abused, molested, and raped Andreja.
She took the next plane back to Japan.  She told friends her experience, she was devastated.
No one came to visit after that incident.
  George , the Kaua'i Family Moksha Shipmaster, brought Shelly to me requesting I hookup with her.
I said no with no explanation provided.  He shook his head in wonderment.
He had good intentions, passing the results of Shelly's fake accident scam back to her served no purpose.

Inadvertently without malice Shelly had destroyed my friendships. 
Shelly was responsible for putting me on the undercover cops radar.
The Island Tours pilots operating my six Beechcraft planes were later found running drugs between the islands.
After a crash on a volcano killed theree newly wed couples drugs were exposed causing the crash.

  When I arrived at the University of Hawaii I went to the fraternities and sororities I had visited two years earlier. 

They were shutdown, the parties were over.
The Board of Directors had done a thorough job purging Caucasians from the campus for Asian students.

Shelly won her court case and bought a motorcycle. 
Had I known the consequences of Shelly's fake accident scam I would have paid all her medical bills and bought her the motorcycle of her choice.