Silverado Canyon

The years at UofH for degrees took its toll, I had island fever. 

With my Tokyo support group knocked out (inadvertently and without malice), with the university board of directors purging Caucasians from the campus and closing Caucasian fraternities and sororities, with outer island communities desiring full time live-in dedication of personal resources (drop out - tune in - turn on), with the influx of tourist quick hookups-gone forever and baby scammers attempting life time support, I was left with few choices, I stayed the course and finished UofH degrees.

 The final Hawaii disappointment was the crash of one of my Beechcraft planes on the top of a volcano.  The pilot was on amphetamines, there was cloud cover, he wanted to give six newlywed couples the experience they were paying for, he dived through the clouds and crashed.  All six newlywed couples and pilot were killed.  Emotional financial responsibility experienced.

With graduation loaming, I turned attentions to the next step.  Orange County, CA had the resources needed, tech business for cash flow and land to build a ranch.  I purchased land in Silverado Canyon and a condo in Newport Beach.  I loved ranches all my life.  The Moksha Kaua'i and outer island experiences enabled me to study management of polymorphic communities: main house, trailers nestled away under the trees for privacy, a deck-lighting-sound for small audience stage performances day and night.

Vietnam had come and gone. I dodged a bullet escaping the draft legally by just a hair with Local Board 100 (Overseas) Technical 4F Deferments.  Had I gone for "drop out-tune in-turn on" I would have been drafted.  The Vietnam killing fields were littered with US, Vietnam, and Chinese maimed humans and corpses.  There had to be a better way.  The "rocket" envisioned during college became an Unmanned Air System (UAS) Reconnaissance Architecture to provide a forward view of the battlefield to save lives.

I understood turning away from conflict and toward conflict. Wars are inevitable.  Conflict exists within people; it is their nature.  Jealousy, bickering, fighting and mind control games exist as battlefields during meditation, yoga and planting crops.  Someone always wants to be on top and in control.  Their own safe harbor depends on how much "happiness" (tolerance) they have for others.

I set out to create a polymorphic community ranch in Silverado Canyon, Orange County CA.  A constant cash flow was needed to pull the ranch together and keep it going.  I put up my first building, planted trailers and started the design of an Unmanned Air System (UAS) Reconnaissance system air vehicle, ground control station, and tools into a package: Forward Eyesight.  Forward Eyesight integrated into  Guardian Warrior Rescue and Recovery.  Over 26,000 lifesaving rescue missions worldwide during natural disasters.

Southern California had folks I wanted to meet while avoiding non-evolved and uneducated.  I set up outreach trailers at the top of a Topanga Canyon mountain just above the Topanga Canyon Tavern (Top Bend: See Map Below).  They came from Topanga and Malibu Canyons, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach and Los Angeles.  A select few came to the Silverado Orange County Ranch.  Rooms or trailers were selected as safe harbors.  Management was overwhelmed, kitchen tempest turf, relationship and mind games ensued.

Performing Arts presented, rock bands performed.  Sound brought neighborhood visitors.  Prohibited paraphernalia became kitchen tempests for relationship adjustments. Tolerance balancing both Tech and Eclectic worlds became unbearable, the Tech World won.  International UAS Personnel Rescue and Recovery humanitarian missions prevailed.

Lessons Learned

Humans are besieged by jealousy, bickering, fighting and mind control games (wars).  Wars while tending the fields and gardens, in the kitchen, in the privacy areas, and in yoga and meditation:  everyone seeks their safe harbor with whatever tools they have at hand, sometimes with tools that are not theirs.  With Silverado foundation drilling, laying, fabricating, and building completed, a trailer was placed at the Topanga Canyon mountain top to start the Topanga Canyon Outreach camp.  The Topanga Canyon Tavern was crowded to the gills on popular nights and dead at other times.  Finally, people, artists and bands.

 University of Hawaii, Oahu, Honolulu Hawaii had nothing like this.

Tech World

While in my Tech World a young woman, on her first day on the job, crashed into the glass front door with a coffee cup in her hand. She was rushing to be prompt.  Later that day she arrived in my UAS laboratory. She was a new hire to meet equal opportunity goals.  She was repurposed.  She had a masterís degree in organ from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.  Her relationship experience was nearly void after attempting romances with gay men in conservatory.  After finding there was little income from organ master at churches, she went to Coleman University and earned her engineering degree.  Right out of college, she had few lab skills I needed.  I carved out increasingly difficult projects for her to gain experience.  She enthusiastically rose to the challenge.

She asked to come up to the Silverado Ranch.  She stayed and watched.  Being non-relational she rose above the jealousy, bickering, fighting, and mind control games.  As a non-relational near empathic person (desensitized) to others, she did not participate in Reindeer Games.  Kitchen Tornadoes whirled by her without notice.  One by one the ranch was cleared (like scaling barnacles off the bottom of a boat).  She would not go away.

More Later...

Lessons Learned

War is in man's nature.  Everyone is looking for their safe harbor.  Everyone needs somebody (thing) to love.  Reindeer Games and Kitchen Tornados are human nature.  Club environments require bouncer(s) to keep events (people) in check.  Are the folks attending the performance events worth the price?  There are folks out there in dire need of humanitarian rescue operations.  Time, effort and $s spent on performers and folks attending the events and went by the way side,Guardian Warrior prevailed.

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