Humans are besieged by jealousy, bickering, fighting and mind control games (wars).  Wars while tending the fields and gardens, in the kitchen, in the privacy areas, and in yoga and meditation.  Everyone seeks a safe harbor with whatever tools they have at hand, sometimes with tools that are not theirs.  

All actors herein were extraordinary.  Protecting ones property against scavengers and seekers in a Garden Isle forest is a full time job.  Keeping everybody happy and taking care of their needs a never ending endeavor.  You are either in or you are out.  You have to devote everything you have to be in.
I am not a person, I am an idea.  I am whatever idea you want to make of me. 
In a dance, sometimes you have to step out to step in.
Humans love to lead humans on. 
You start to think something’s wrong with you.
Coercive control and emotional manipulation batter your psyche into submission.
Humans make mistakes, no apology needed.

We elected to close down the Silverado Ranch, we were having to make judgments on people's lives.  We devoted everything to constructing Guardian Warrior, a ten year project creating technology stitching together rescue agencies.

Right out of Japan high school, Vietnam waiting, top of the list, 4A Technical deferment to a Van Nuys, CA
electronics school. Two years later I was a certified electronics technician.

With my Vietnam draft sequence over I was allowed to return to Asia to attend Sophia University and work as an engineer.

You do
not have to judge a person to rescue them, their determination will change their world. 
Guardian Warrior
remains operational, thousands of lives are saved each year in rescue contracts.