University of Hawaii Audio



At Sophia University in Tokyo Japan we had an extended family of multinational students coming at night where the classes were taught in English.  As foreigners in a far off land our group knitted together tightly. Couples were easy to form.  We all knew each other. There was no engineering program, but there were pre-engineering courses.

I went through chemistry, calculus and physics while pursuing a business and finance degree.  I applied to the University of Hawaii. I was accepted then held off from entrance for two years.  I was able to complete my Business and Finance degree while waiting.  I had bought into a small company in Japan and worked as an engineer during the daytime.

The University of Hawaii had a problem, caucasians flooded the islands.  Caucasian students flocked to the university for parties and surfing.  There was no room for Asian students.  The Board of Directors decided to purge Caucasians.  The board of Directors was composed entirely of Asians, there were no Caucasians or Hawaiians on the board.

I had to wait two year for entrance caused by the University of Hawaii's decision to oust (attrition out) ~14,000 Caucasian women and men to make way for Pacific Rim Asian students.  I was allowed entrance after this two year great white purge.

When I arrived at the University of Hawaii I had to leave my Sophia University friends to achieve engineering and computer science degrees.  After the purge a dozen Caucasian women were left at the university with direction and purposeful accomplished attitude.  I grew up in Japan with many good Asian relationships.  Given both my brothers married Asian,  my family requested I select Caucasian.

Members of my multinational family would come for visits about six times a year. I would fly them in from Tokyo. 

Hawaii was a beautiful yet brutal environment.  Nature walks, beaches and the ocean were inspiring.  You could drive around each island in less than an hour.  An onslaught of tourists would arrive, stay for a week, then leave.  At the yacht harbor, where I had my sailboat, there was a constant wave of mainland folks coming with few resources, scavenging to make a living. Racial bias against Caucasians was extreme.  I had never thought about racial discrimination prior to Hawaii.

I meet with Tee, here in San Diego, to share her University of Hawaii experiences two years after I started.  Tee told me the University of Hawaii Board changed their policy, Pacific Rim Asians had depleted their funds.  They brought back mainland Caucasians, built an East meets West Center, a football stadium, and allowed fraternities and sororities to reestablish.

By 1975 the University of Hawaii once again became a surf and party school.  For me, to late, wrong time - wrong place.


Ilikai Hotel Annex  faces Ala Moana Harbor (sailboat in second row). 1 of 6 of my Tourist Beechcraft airplanes I owned.