Happy 1968 High School Graduation, Hello... Mekong Delta! Draft 1A top lottery number.
Called to report to Los Angeles California from Asia Foreign Board Local 100 for a medical exam.

Elected a 4A Technical Deferment for a one year degree at Edison Technical Institute Van Nuys CA.  I rented a Laurel Canyon apartment in the foot hills.  Another year attending San Fernando Valley Junior College a permanent draft deferment was provided.  I headed back to Asia and started Sophia University courses.

All ships get knocked off course.  Vietnam's side track cost extra years to finish degrees, island fever. 
Jackson Browne's father, a music writer, lived in Japan.  His younger brother Eddie Browne lived with him.
Eddie Severin Browne introduced me to his sister Gracie Browne and older brother Jackson Browne.
We visited Jackson Browne and the Chilly Peppers at their lodge near Sacramento.
A heavy set bearded man resolved disputes over women, money, drugs, attitudes and raw violence.
Spent time in Sunset Strip clubs and traveled up and down the California coast in search of intelligent life.

In summer 1970, before returning to Tokyo, I arrived in Monterey CA for the festival.
The Theosophical Society was hosting a month long seminar with courses.
Theosophists believe enlightenment comes from self-control, strength of will, and meditation.

I bought their books with very colorful illustrations, read the material, listened, and understood.
Down the road there was another seminar, enlightenment thru marijuana heightened intimacy.
Masses looking for "enlightenment".  I grabbed a new friend and off we went for discovery.
Without knowing what I was looking for I was swept up in the search for Why and Why Me.
The gods and goddesses ofWhyare around every corner offering enlightenment.
A generation of souls seeking understanding, insight, awareness, and awakening.

There has got to be more to life than than what our parents did, fall in love, marry and raise a family.
Where does spiritualism come in.  Why are there so many paths to enlightenment.
Carlos Castaneda explained 1968-1970, all paths to enlightenment are skits, illusions of magic.

TheWhywas the skit.  Dropping behind the scenes to see how skits were created became Me(a).
Skits and personas were offered to starry eyed seekers, their magic pointless for those aware.
Magic comes with a price, skits start and end.  Enlightenment is, securing a never ending skit.

Summer 1970 over, time to close down Laurel Canyon, pack bags, and back to Tokyo. 
For the few, enlightenment is performing skits on a stage for the starry eyed seeking enlightenment.
For many, enlightenment is love, marriage, family, and career. Six years later,  Waimea.
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