In Tokyo, our family of friends learned the art of rolling large boulders over canyon rims.  We teamed up and pushed hard to break the ground lock while trying to keep from rolling on top of the boulder.  We paired up for expeditions, Japan's Grand Canyons, turquoise water mountain lagoons, and temple spas.   Easy catch line, "let's take a trip".   One on one in the backwoods, you get to know the person.

In Kaua'i Hawaii, Linda was sitting on a rock behind me, Norbert and Jennie were sitting on rocks up at the top of the hill.  Patty stayed back at the Kaua'i Ranch with Monty Downs and young Mathew.   Mel and Tim were trying to break the ground lock on an enormous boulder.   Pattie told me to "make it with the men".   I had a choice, team up with Mel and Tim and get that boulder moving or sit on a rock and watch.

My inclination was to jump in.  The problem with boulder rolling is, as you push downhill you have no foothold, if you push in the middle to far up you are lifted onto the boulder.  About to join, Tim was lifted up, he slid left falling off, the boulder rolled over his arm.  I heard gasps.

I was left alone while Tim was transported to the hospital.  The rest of the group stayed in the back room, no one came out to talk.  Tim, Linda and Mel came back late that night with his arm in a cast.  Had I jumped in, there was a good chance for blame.  Tim was well rewarded for his manliness.  Their "tease and deny" skit was for me to fall for Linda and watch Tim and Linda have sex.  I said no, with no explanation.

Linda made sure I did.  She slipped in and woke up Tim, asleep nearby.  Tim said, "We've already had sex".  Linda said, "I know, this is for Guy".
In this serene vista the contrast of international friends versus the cold silence in Waimea told the story, finish degrees and get to the west coast.