Linda said, "This is for Guy"

Mel said, "Come, Jennie want's to fuck with you".  Jennie was sound asleep.
His slip of the tongue was the tell, he meant Linda, but could not say her name.
Another scam detected.  I automatically said, "No" with no explanation.
Mel displayed frustration.  Mel was tired and exhausted, determined to put on a show.
Earlier in the day Mel pointed out that my chosen sleeping area was next to Tim's.
He expected problems and requested I move elsewhere, now, he sent in Linda.
Mel works hard as the cruise and  entertainment director, accountant, and bouncer.
Mel and Linda should have called it a day.
Linda slipped into the sleeping area and woke Tim up.  He said, "We've already had sex."  Linda said, "This is for Guy." 
Tim couldn't get it up.  He was on pain killers, groggy and exhausted from his hospital ordeal.
Linda fumbled with him, faked sex, then left.
Their comedy act was over.
With an invitation from Linda, Jennie or Pattie, I would have accepted.
An invitation from Mel with a false statement deserved a "No" with no explanation.
That's all that was offered.  George was not pleased with his family's performance.
Not once did any family member sit down for a heart to heart talk, not even Mel.
Inadvertently, I let the actors know that I owned planes for a tourist business.
I held back on the two condos and a multimillion dollar bank account.
Norbert challenged me on the planes expecting I would be caught in a lie.
He was surprised when I met his challenge and flew the family to Oahu.
To fly the Moksha family to Oahu cost several thousand dollars, the equivalent cost of twenty Oahu street walkers.
Paul from the Monsoon said I was lucky to get out alive, he would have never let such events happen to him.
balanced Moksha and provided lessons learned for East Crossing West.  We met again a year later in Topanga.
I was not dropping out of school to plant corn for Norbert.  I was not dropping millions into this family.
Like Moksha shipwright Patrick Cotten, Hawaii was no place in for this engineer, I had to move on.

Finance, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degrees finished, now is the time to build foundations.
Norbert, Mel, Linda, Jennie and Pattie were never able to break out of their acting roles and become friends.
Pattie's baby scam with Monty failed, he was shooting blanks, he soon left Moksha, settled and married in Kaua'i.
Norbert and Jennie, indirectly, were able to show a path on how to mange Silverado Ranch and Topanga Canyon.

Settled in Newport Beach, with the Silverado Ranch and Topanga Camp secured, Guardian Warrior was started.